Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Night's Make & Takes

Good Morning. I had a workshop last night. Yeah! First one in awhile. The house restoration from the fire still is lingering. I say lingering because it is not moving along very fast. I meet with the project manager and the construction contractor this morning. Not something I'm really looking forward to. I'm going to have to be strong and firm without coming across like a you know what. Right now I just want my house done and hate that I have just be keeping on this everyday. The adjuster told me that this is not the way it should be and he wants to hear from me after this meeting. The company doing the restoration is AAA of Michigan approved and it's a privilege for them to be so. Hopefully this will go well. If you could please say a prayer for me.
Now onto the stamping. These were the Make & Takes from last night. Not anything real fancy and having limited supplies (ok not as limited as it could be, but out of my usual) *wink*, I think they aren't too bad. Not sure if you can see it too well, but the black background is embossed with the Big Shot embossing plate. I also used the air art gun in the background of the image. So simple, but there were several new stampers last night so in that case simple is always best. It does look better in real life.

This card was made using the Great Friend stamp set. This set was actually given to me by a demo from Wisconsin who I know from an online demo group over on SCS. As I've said before demos from all over have sent me things and that is basically how I'm able to do any stamping at all. Thanks Lyssa for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated.
Well that's it for today. Now off to my meeting. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

I've wanted something for storing my Big Shot dies for sometime now, well actually a year, and tried several different things, but nothing seemed to be working the way I wanted. The other day while doing some web surfing I came across something, but it still was not quite what I had in mind since I do own a few dies and I'm sure more are in my future. *grin* So I started talking to my Daddy and this is what we came up with. Isn't it just the best? I will admit it is rather large, but I want it to be able to hold more dies down the road and have it be practical and look nice too. I am just so tickled with it. The only thing better would be if I was moving it into my house today with a completely restored stamp room. *wink*

This shows the top section for holding the thin dies and that little piece in there is actually movable so as my collection grows the little bar moves.

There is a lazy susan turntable on the bottom so that it completely swivels. I'm thinking that maybe a few decor elements on it for decoration? We'll have to see. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Hope you're having a good Saturday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New In Color Card

(Note this did not post as scheduled--Sorry)

What do you think? Do you like? This was also part of yesterdays accomplishments and as promised I'm posting it today. Can you believe 2 days in a row? I can't wait until I can get back to some sense of regular postings for you all. This card uses new In Color cardstock, DSP, ribbon, a punch, In Color markers and ink pads. Yes that's right we are getting In Color markers this time. How exciting!
Hope you all are having a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally---A Sneak Peak

I have about driven myself crazy today to just get these two things done, but lately I don't have to drive very far to get there, that's for sure. LOL I got the approval to get a new keyboard for my computer after the electronics people were here today. Seems like a simple thing since it quit working, but there are all the hoops you have to jump through to get things paid for. All I can say is "what a mess!" I had Frank pick me up a keyboard at Wally World and oh while the electronics people were here they got the humming noise to stop in the computer tower so all was not wasted. I installed my new printer today as well because that was considered a total loss. You would think one would be happy to be getting new stuff, but having to get unplanned r new stuff........well let's just say that is a hard thing for me. Not that I'm not grateful, it just is stressful, but the good thing is I'm learning all kinds of computer geeky stuff in the process I guess. *grin*

Ok, now to the post at hand. Here are the new and upcoming In Colors for 2009/2010 which will be available on July 1.

Aren't they just loverly? That is my new word for the week. Loverly!! Don't you like that? It's a happy sounding word I think. This shows the stamp pad, marker, texture cardstock (in 8 1/2" x 11" now--Woo Hoo!), regular cardstock and the new polka dot grosgrain ribbon.

This is the bookmark I'm giving to those who sign up for my Catalog Subscription Service. What is that you ask? It means that for $10 you will be sure to receive the following:


You won't miss a thing for one full year.

This bookmark features the New In Colors and is in a vinyl pouch and includes an In Color Ribbon tied to the top. I got this wonderful idea from my friend Patty Bennett. It really did take me all day to get this done, but then again you have to understand I was working at my folks coffee table and I had to install a printer, get a new keyboard installed, take pictures (which by the way my lithium battery died after taking 3 pics and I have no idea where my lithium battery charger ended up) So considering all this I didn't do too bad. Eh? Ok, I didn't do too bad, but I think I've become Canadian. And speaking of Canada..........one of my blog readers, Chelle sent me a loverly card in the mail with such a nice encouraging message. It really made my day today and I will post it as soon as I get a battery. I went to snap it and my camera went dead. Thanks so very much Chelle. Hugs!

Thanks as well to you all who've stuck with me this far on this post. I will have a card made with these new colors and a new stamp set for you tomorrow because that was the last picture I was able to get.

Blessings and Hugs!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Pretties

Good Tuesday morning. If you think positive, you'll be positive, right? I'm trying, but this fire ordeal is really "trying" me. I thought I'd show you some pretties today. This is a card I received from Mary a demo friend of mine over on Primitive Seasons. Mary is truly an artist. Her creations just amaze me. Thanks Mary for the beautiful card. It's just gorgeous!!
This beautiful Peony is for my demo friend Patty Bennett. Patty has posted many beautiful flowers from her flower garden so when my dad brought this flower in yesterday I knew I had to take a picture and post it to show Patty we have pretty flowers here is Michigan too. LOL Not as pretty as Patty's, but pretty non the less.
Ok, that's all for now. I'm headed over to the house and going to demand a schedule of repairs from the contractor today. He has not given us that and his boss has told me he has to do it. It's hard sometimes for me to be tough, but in this case I'm going to be. I want so badly to be back into our house. Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

No stamping, but pretty nontheless

This is a picture I took at the Butterfly House on Mackinaw Island on Monday. The Butterfly House was the only warm place on the island. I'll try and share some stamping in a few days. I so need to stamp, but well quarters here are a little cramped and not real easy to get stuff out and leave it out like I do at home.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Great Weekend

Well the celebrations are over and now it's back to the norm. Whatever that is as of late. *grin* I've got a few things to share. This first one is of the favors that I (along with my mom and sis)made for Brooke's party. The candies inside are turtle shaped chocolate. The toppers were made using some cardstock and a stamp set sent to me by some very generous demos. These came together so great and looked so cute.

These are Hershey nuggets covered with some Martha Stewart DP. I know gasp!!!! I normally wouldn't stray from SU, but spied this paper while getting other supplies at Wally World and since it was pink and green..............it worked. No beating me with a wet noodle or turning me into SU! LOL You all know I'm pretty much a SU purest.

Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I know you're probably tired of me going on about my baby girl, but this was not only a big time in her life, but mine as well. And for you moms on there who have gone through this you know what I mean. She absolutely loved her turtle cake.

This is the Wall of Fame as we call it. My goal from the time the girls were born was to have 10 x 13 portraits of every year of their lives. So starting with 3 months, 6 months and then every year I have these portraits ending with their senior year. My dad made the frame and easel that they are on and he can now take it apart and use the wood for another project. It really would be too big to keep up in the house or would it? LOL We've now loaned it to some good friends of ours who will use it next week. Hey maybe my dad should start a rental service. LOL And yes these will go back into the scrapbook and the senior portrait will be put up on the wall when we are able to move back home.

This last pic is of our family. Starting with the back row: BIL Luke, my dad Mike, Uncle Brian and DD Lindsay. Middle row: Sis Carin, Aunt Rose Ann, sis Michele, me, and my DH Frank. Front row: the guest of honor Brooke and my mom Sandy.
I was so happy to have my aunt and uncle here from California to celebrate this special time with us. Can't wait to start scrapbooking.
Hope you all are having a great day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Party Day

It's 12:30 pm and everything is done for the party and I'm so happy with how everything has turned out. Time sure has flown by. Seems like yesterday day I was wrestling with Brooke on the dining room floor over her wearing an outfit to preschool that she just had to have and then didn't want to wear. Mom won that battle let me tell you. They say pick your battles, well that was one that I was gonna win. LOL This picture was taken by my brother-in-law and it was really strange how it turned out with her being the only in focus part of the pic. I just reminds me of how time has flown by, but now Brooke is on to a whole new time of her life. One that mom is not too sure mom's ready for, but I know it's time. We are so proud of her accomplishments and the dependent and fine young women she's become. I guess that's the whole point in this kid raising thing, isn't it? She sent me a private message after I posted the turtle cake picture, which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing here. This is what it said.
WOW mom its WOW. It's definitely turtley enough for the turtle club. Thank u i love you
Talk about melt a mom's heart. As you parents know you have different sorts of relationships with your kids, because each child is different, but you always love them the same. Brookie has always been my "little buddy". So little buddy, mommy loves you with all my heart and prays for nothing, but the best for you. Big, big hugs to you.
And to still make this a "crafty post" here is a picture of one of the centerpieces we are using for the tables today. Thanks to my sister Carin for all her help this week being my personal assissant. I'll have more to share after it's all done and yes even some stamping.
Hugs and Blessings,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turtle, Turtle

Brooke's graduation party is this Saturday and here is what I've been working on. Brooke has loved turtles ever since she was little so it wasn't hard to figure out what her graduation party theme would be and besides that it made decorating so much easier since turtle live in abundance in our household.
I had the idea in my head of how I wanted it to come together since forever and sure enough with the help of my mom, sister and good friend Wendy, today it did come together. They were MORE than helpful in there advice and I used what I wanted and just pretended to use the rest. *wink* I'm so happy with how it turned out and I think Brooke will be too and someday she will look back and remember how much love went into this cake for her to make her day special.
I will have more to share in the next while, but my lithium battery went dead and my charger for it is well..............we aren't sure at this point. Mom had gotten me a charger for my birthday and I thought I'd be all set, but hadn't counted on a fire. I'll get a battery tomorrow and share the centerpieces with you.
Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, June 1, 2009

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