Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bracelet Fun

I've been asked about where I purchased the bracelets. I bought these from Fire Mountain Gems. You can find them here. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me direct at

Demo friend Patty Bennett made some of these bracelets and of course I had to give them a try. Way too cute and fun to make. Thanks Patty! I used Cutie Pie DSP, build a brads and rhinestone brads. If anyone would like more details please feel free to contact me. If I have enough interest I'll do a class on these as well. Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, May 26, 2008

A Lovely Lilac

You know me. Make one, now make them in different colors. These petals are a little smaller and I used the oval punches for the leaves. You could use the oval punches for the flowers as well, but I like the pointiness of the petals. Thanks for looking.

Good Luck Froggie

Can you tell I'm havin' fun today? I've been doing some blog hopping (pardon the pun) LOL and found this card here by Amy Taylor. She even has a tutorial for making the cap. So simple, yet very cute. Check it out. This is my version. Enjoy!


Good Monday morning to you! I'm sure many of you are enjoying a day off today. Days off are cherished to me. It means my family is home, which lately isn't very often. I guess Frank and I are in a whole new stage of life. In fact the other night we had gone to the movies and the girls were with us and after getting a bite to eat it was close to 10:00 pm. Lindsay asked if it was alright if she didn't come home right away. Of course I told her it was fine, but I turned to Frank and said, "Remember when it was 10:00 pm and we thought the night was just getting started too? Now instead we look at 10:00 pm as the night is over." Sad, but true. *grin*
Anyway this is a card that I had in my head ever since I saw this one created by jomumo4 over on SCS. You can find her card here. This wouldn't be the kind of card you would send in the mail, but I think it would be a nice one to hand give or display. The colors I used were Pretty in Pink, Apricot Appeal and So Saffron (flower center) DSP. Inks were Certainly Celery and White Gel Pen. Accessories were Pewter Build a Brad and Vintage Brads. Want to learn how to make one? Give me a call and we can set up a time and I'll show you how.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scrappin' Good Time

Good morning! We had a great time scrapbooking on Friday and I found out that there are other people as obsessed about "tools" as I am. Not to mention any names---ahmmmm, Ruth! Oh did I say that? Well anyway sorry about not posting for the past week. One reason is that I wanted to post these pics, but Brooke has been hauling the book around with her. That girl really needs to work on her self esteem. Maybe Mrs. Kolar could help her with that at school? LOL So anyway here they are. I actually got 8 pages done total and I have 2 more to just finish up a little on. Aren't you proud of me? I used up some old SU designer paper that I've been hoarding for just the right pages and yes, that is Cool Caribbean used as well. If anyone has some 12 x 12 that they would be willing to part with I'd be more than happy to buy it from you. That's one color I just can't seem to get over. Anyway, that's it for now, but hopefully I'll have more for you later this week. If you have any questions as to things I used on these pages please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Stampin' Today

Hey my stampin' friends. I'm off to visit my sister Carin for a couple of days and to attend an all day scrapbooking event tomorrow with her. I haven't been up to her place since New Years so I'm looking forward to getting away. In fact I haven't even been out of Huron county in awhile. Speaking of getting away.......did I mention that I'll be attending SU's convention is Salt Lake City the end of July? Frank and I will be flying out on July 29 and will be gone for 6 days. I can hardly wait. It will be so much to see all the new things SU will be offering and learning lots of new things to come home and share with you. More on this later.

Anyway, I hope when I get back from my sister's that I have some scrapbook pages to show you. I'll see you in a couple of days.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Day Card

Here is the card I gave my mom yesterday. Not real fancy, pretty none the less. IMO My sister Michele and I bought her a CM picture sorter. She's been wanting to get her pics organized and we thought this would be a perfect gift. Ok, I will be back later with more. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Minty Bouquet

I made this mint bouquet yesterday for my DH to give to his mom today. He's not real good about planning ahead of time and I usually tell him she's not my mom, but in the end if nothing is done, you know who looks bad? Not this year. This was actually really very easy to make and thanks to our friend Trish who had all these little metal pails she was going to throw out (gasp!) I had the stuff to make this on hand. The mint flowers are something that the ladies at the Mother and Daughter banquet that we're going to tonight will be making. The pastor had called me awhile back and asked me if I'd be willing to come and do a little presentation. Well of course I would, but better than a presentation would be a make and take. Who just wants to watch someone else stamp? LOL The ladies won't be making a hole pail of flowers, just one, but I thought this would be a fun little easy idea especially for those who don't stamp at all and even better yet they can eat it later.

Not stamping, but...............

I was going through some pics this morning because I have another cake to do for today and I came across this one that I made probably 4 yrs. ago. My sister Carin helped me. I told the mother of the bride the only way I'd do it was if I could get my sis to help. No, Carin is not a cake decorator, but she does have really good ideas and I needed someone to help me mold the sand, I mean the cake. LOL This was quite the undertaking, but in the end we were very pleased with our work and so was the bride. It was all edible, even the stones around the bottom. Well I just thought I'd share since I was reminiscing a little. I'll be back later with some stamping. Don't you fret my pets!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Couple of Simple Cards

Here's just a couple of simple cards for you today. Nothing too exciting, but I did use up some of the things accumulating on my work space. I'll share a couple of Mother's Day projects with you later this weekend. Until then........................happy stampin'.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Prom to Remember

I told you I'd have a stamping sample and a prom pic. Well I killed two birds with one stone, so to speak. I've been wanting to make one of these purses for several weeks now and I finally found some time to get it done. Of course having the prom pics really inspired me as well. Speaking of finding the time............many of you ask me how I find the time. Well let me first say that stamping is "my business". It's great that when I go to work, I'm having fun. I know not everyone can say that about their job. And second, I find that stamping really can help me accomplish so much more. How you ask? I think that when I take time for myself, that it helps in all other areas of my life. Give it a try and don't feel guilty. It will make you feel better.
The original idea came from fellow demo Jan Tink. The purse is made using the Scallop Circle Notes available in the Occasions Mini catalog as is the Afternoon Tea DSP. Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Template Treat

Good Morning! It's Monday and I've got so much on my plate, but I wanted to take a minute to share with you a site I found on the the net. It's called Belle's Printables. This site has quite a few neat templates. Some you will find that I've probably shared my version or something very similar with you at my workshops and classes. Hope you enjoy the site. Make something and email me a pic and I'll feature it here.

I'll try and get something creative posted later today and maybe even a prom pic or two (yes, Brooke was absolutely gorgeous, no really she was and I'm not bias at all--yeah right!), but I've got work calling me right now. Don't you just hate that voice?........LOL


Sunday, May 4, 2008

May Day Basket Winners

Thanks to all who posted to my blog this week and especially to those who posted to the May Day Basket give-away. Drum roll please......................and the winners are kbooms and primitive seasons. I will mail your baskets this week. Hope you enjoy them and again thanks for visiting my blog.

And speaking of spring, ok I was in a round about way. Did you notice I changed my blog header picture? Yes, the snow is gone--hopefully, but we do live in Michigan. LOL Now you all can see the yard work that needs to be done and after visiting primitive seasons blog I think she should come and help me. Pretty please! Check out her blog here. Her yard is gorgeous. Wish mine could look like that, but I'm not seeing that happening anytime in the near future. LOL

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little "Mom" bragging

The Laker Fine Arts Show was on Tuesday night and these were two of Brooke's entries. As you can see her clay piece won honorable mention at the art exhibit at the Heidleburg Gallery in Sebewaing back in March. I think her bowl looks so much better than the ashtray I made back in grade school. Not sure why I made an ashtray since no one in our family smokes. LOL
Yes, the other one is a real keyboard and no you cannot use it now. That seems to be the questions everyone asks. *grin*

I've always called her my "little artist". See children do become what we tell them they are. Wish more parents would think about that when they tell their children things, maybe we'd have more productive citizens. Ok, sorry I didn't mean to turn this into a preaching post. LOL

Mommy and Daddy (yes, she still calls us that even at this age--17) are so proud of you and the fine young lady you are. Great job!

May Day Giveaway!

It's May Day and in honor I will be giving away these two baskets. Just leave a comment on this post by Saturday, May 3. I will draw the names on Sunday, May 4 and mail the baskets next week. Good luck!


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