Saturday, April 16, 2011

What to show you................

I've been taking some time for myself and stamping quite a bit lately.  I've decided the guilt thing has got to stop in my life.  I bring it on myself and always feel like I shouldn't do fun stuff until my work is done.  Well let's face it, my work isn't going to ever be done so let's stamp.

I have so many things I could show you and I know I had promised you some other things, but I have to show you what I made this morning.  I got the inspiration from Cindee Wilkinson from Just Sponge It!   I thought her's was so cute and knew I had to try one this morning.  When I saw Cindee's I got the idea of using some of the coasters that I've had like forever. You know if you buy several, well a whole bunch is better. ;) I then thought this deserved a matching pen as well. So what do you think? Pretty cute huh?  Thanks Cindee for the inspiration.

And because I'm so nice and all. ;)  I thought I'd share a cute tote I made last week.  I got the idea from
Amy Celona at Ustamp4fun.  She has all the directions that you can just print off.  I remember when I first joined SU how helpful Amy was and she continues to share so much.  Thanks Amy!

Ok, that's it for today.  The rest will have to wait.  I have that problem of  wanting to show you everything all at once, but know I need to save for future postings.



Cindee said...

Renee, your butterfly post-it notes are really cute! Thanks for linking to my blog as well. I love the idea of the coaster too. I have a ton of those too.
And your bag is super cute. What a nice gift combo you put together.

Barbara said...


Seeing it has been a while since I've been able to read your blog (and others) due to my back surgery, I am now finally catching up! Albeit I've been going backwards from the most recent post to this one. By Golly Miss Molly, your ideas sure are going to be keeping me BUSY, because I LOVE these additional ideas too!!! I cannot WAIT to make those butterfly post-it notes w/pens to go w/my altered Altoid tins that you shared on another post. OH, such FUN!! If only you could see my great big smile right now.

Thank you once again my dear for sharing your ideas, your love for paper crafting, your time blogging them all, and of course your lovely self here as well!

Warm hugs,
Barbara (EmptyNestMom) : )


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