Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Sampler

Well it's Friday and I've had a pretty productive day so I thought why not add another thing in and share a blog post.  Ever since I saw Wendy Weixler's Family sampler frame in this post, I've been dying to make one myself.  The only frame I had was one that I had just thrown in the trash (see don't throw out anything you might need it) *wink*  So I dug the frame out and painted it white.  Then after finding out what Wendy's measurements were for the squares I knew I would have to adjust mine, but could I do it and make it still look good?  Sure, why not!!!

This was so much fun to make.  I can't wait to make another and instead of digging in the trash I think I'll have my awesome woodworking dad make me the size frame I need.  He loves to feel useful.  LOL!  On second thought I might want to be careful of asking because he might want me to help clean up that garage sale mess in his work shed.  Yikes!  I've been holding him off because of the extreme heat and humidity we've had most of the summer.  Well that's another whole story. *grin*

So without further ado here is the frame sampler I made...............
Don't you just love it!!!  Our family picture fit in so well with the colors.  Thanks for stopping by.



Chelle (hanwayink) said...

love it!!!

lynns said...

Love the frame! Have been enjoying your blog every day even though I am terrible about posting comments. Love you.

Carin said...

That is gorgeous, Na! Luv it!

Anonymous said...



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