Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flower Bag

Being a cake baker I deal with a lot of flour bags and those bags of flour mean lots of work, but the FLOWER bag I am showing you here wasn't work at all, in fact it meant lots of fun for me.  I had found this idea on demonstrator Monika Davis' blog here and this is my take on it.  I used all Stampin'Up! including the fabric.
Monika used beans and I didn't have any.  I know what kind of Huron County housewife am I? :)  I did have a bag of some decorative sand so that is what I used to fill my cello bag.  Yes, you can even buy the cello bags from Stampin'Up! too.  The wire stem you would need to purchase in the floral section of your discount store.  I'm giving this to my hostess tonight.  Shhhh don't tell her.  Well I better scoot and get my clothes changed so I'm ready to leave here in a few.  I'll try and post more details on this and maybe even take pics and do a mini tutorial.


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