Thursday, May 13, 2021

OSAT Blog Hop Mash Up

Hey there! Welcome welcome to the OSAT blog hop for May. For those who follow this blog hop on a regular basis, I'm sure you wondered what happened to me. Maybe you thought they kicked me out!?!?! LOL! I was afraid they might. I've been missing in the stamping world for going on 5 months. My dad has been sick and in the hospital three times since January 3. It's been quite the ride. My mom doesn't like to be left alone so me and my sisters have been staying with them. My daddy is a tough brave man and is now home and regaining his strength. I'm so proud of him. So that is basically what I've been up to and when I am home, I sleep. I now know the real meaning of exhaustion. My stamp room is a sight to behold, but I was able to throw something together for this hop yesterday while I went home for awhile, since we have an aid a couple of days a week. This bundle was something I bought from the January - June mini catalog and hadn't even had a chance to use it. I hope you like what I came up with.
Thank you for stopping by. It's been so good to hop this month and to try and get back into the swing of things. Please click on the next name in the list below to continue on the hop. Blessings, Renee Product List

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Carin said...

Very pretty, Na... as usual!


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