Monday, December 15, 2008

A Big Project

Good morning! Sorry about the posts being so sporadic lately. I'm sure though that most of you have been like me--Busy! This time of year tends to do that to even people who aren't normally busy. I won't mention any names. LOL

Here is what I've been up to........................
For the second year in a row I've been hired to make menus for a Christmas party for a local business. This year it turned into a little more than menus. I always find it exciting to get a paying job with my stamped creations. In the end I made pretty good money and that in itself is a blessing, especially this year. All I can say is that the Lord is good and I'm blessed. If you want any info on these please feel free to contact me
Well thanks for stopping by. I have much to accomplish today since I'm having make up stamping classes tomorrow.


Kim said...

Great job. You know they only ask the really "good" people to do projects like that.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have been busy. What a beautiful job you did!

Carin said...

Very cool... isn't it great you can make some $ doing paper "stuff"... love you! your sis

maedi said...

You really did a great job. So many cards. You have been really busy. Greetings from Germany.


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