Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Christmas Gift Idea

Sorry I've taken a break the last couple of days. I've had things that just had to be done. I needed to get some jewelry made to put in the day spa where my sister works. I've had a display there for awhile now and believe it or not it actually sells. LOL Just costume jewelry of course, but I like it nonetheless and I guess others do to. Besides that it's fun to make. I forgot to take pics so if you'd like to see it you'll have to visit Trish's Day Spa in Pigeon. LOL Maybe next time I'll remember.

Anyway here is what I have for you today.
I made these ornaments on Saturday and didn't want to post them until I had given them to my sister Chele. As you can see I couldn't wait until Christmas. That's a problem I have when I make something, I want to give it to the recipient right away. So when I went to take the jewelry to the day spa I also gave these to my sis. They look pretty professional if I do say so myself. LOL I had these ornaments in my stash (got them on clearance of course) and decided to use the Old Saint Nick rub-ons from Stampin'Up! on them. Rub-ons are so fun and easy to use. If you haven't tried them may I suggest that you do? So, so easy! I even used them on the tag. I then had to have a nice box to present them in so I made the box as well and used an acetate sheet to even make the lid. Hope you like them. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know.
Have a great day!


Carin said...

very pretty... but I already told you that.

Nikki Schmaltz said...

These are very beautiful! What a great way to use the rubs ons. Now, I'll have to check for ornaments like this....on Clearance. I'm a clearance bin addict!

Pam B. said...

My those are way to cool ! They look like you bought them , very well done ! Love all the ornaments you made also too too cute !

kim said...

Great idea. I'm always on the look out for stuff I can convert into something neat.


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