Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is an artist canvas that I've applied a Stampin'Up! Decor Element to. Haven't seen our Decor Elements? Click on the green and blue pic on the right and you can view this great catalog.
How I made it. I took several coordinating acrylic paint colors and dry brushed them on the canvas until I liked the look. After it was dry I then applied the vinyl decor element to the canvas and then stamped a few flowers around to finish it off. I applied the acrylic paint directly to the stamp using a sponge brush and Viola' a nice wall hanging that will make it's way into my stamp room when we are able to move back into our house. The possibilities are endless with our lovely Decor Elements. View the great August Decor Element special HERE.
Now go and create!


Carin said...
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Carin said...

I left you a little surprise on my blog today.
love ya, Carin

I like your canvas!


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