Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Bump in Our Road

Good Sunday Morning to you all! I just have a few minutes here before getting ready for church, but wanted to update you all on Frank and also post something that might be of a little interest you my stamping friends.

Frank has to go back in to have the other side of his thyroid taken out. Doc said it looked fine when he took out the other side with the goiter and they hate to leave you without any thyroid if they don't have to, but the pathology report came back cancer. Not real big, but bigger than they can just treat with radiation so he has to have it out and he wanted to do it right away before his incision heals completely, so we are headed to Royal Oak, Beaumont Hospital tomorrow morning and he will have surgery at 12:00 pm. He should be able to come home the same day if all goes ok. I'm trying to look at it as just another bump in our road. We covet your prayers in this. I truly know that the Lord has only the best for us and that even though we are going through so much right now with this and the fire, it is going to make the good times that are sure to come be that much sweeter.

Now to a little stamping news. Below is the Big Shot organizer that my dad made (no it's not mine), but another one and the good news is that this one is for sale. You can see and read the story of mine HERE. But the good news about this one is that it is FOR SALE. That's right my dad has started to make these and will be selling them. The cost is $85 plus shipping to you. It does weigh approximately 40# so shipping will vary with where it needs to be shipped to. If you don't need it shipped and would like to pick it up, then it's just $85. If you are a customer of mine and can pick it up then ask about our special. Please contact me via email at this address. I will need to know your address with zip code to be able to give shipping charges. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!



Kim said...

Sorry to hear about Frank, but remember everything happens for a reason. Better to take care of it now, then to wait too long.

Good luck, sending hugs and prayers your way.

Jean said...

So sorry to hear that Frank has to have another operation - am thinking of you right now. Just been catching up on your blog now that we are over the dramas of moving! Our new home has not been started yet and I can't wait until I have my craft room set up! I can sympathise totally with you - it is just so hard finding things and moving things to use in and out of the kitchen!

bettystamps said...

Sorry Frank had to have the second surgery. Been there, done that! Prayers and hugs for him and your family. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a long road of health and happiness!


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