Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love is Like a Butterfly

I've been wanting to try this double embossing technique for sometime now and finally got around to it.  If you are a customer and would like to know how, contact me to book a workshop and I'll show you and your friends how it's done.

I've got a busy day ahead and then we travel to Detroit for 3 days while Frank has his thyroid cancer scans and check up.  We are praying and pretty sure all will check out ok, but it's always a little nerve wracking until it's over.  I will try to have posts while I'm gone if I have time to get them ready to go.  If not I will see you on Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Oh can we do this at my party?
please and thanks! Joni

Anonymous said...

I'm from Tennessee. I liked to learn how to do this. If you have video, that would be great

Carin said...

Very pretty! But you know butterflies are my fav. {HUGS}


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