Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Isn't it strange that we call today "Good" Friday when such a tragic thing happened to our Lord and Saviour on that day?  But it did work for good because by Him dying on the cross it gave us forgiveness of our sins if we but ask Him to.  How simple and good is that?

I haven't had time to do any stamping this week due to other obligations.  My aunt continues to struggle with health issues and I struggle to try and do my best to help.  I think we've been to almost every "ologist" there is.  LOL!  None of her issues are life threatening, but do need to be attended to.  I could sure use a prayer or two if you have one to spare.  I really miss it when I don't get to stamp and it actually makes me feel sad when I haven't been in the stamp room for awhile, but my sadness quickly turned to a smile last night when I got home and found this adorable card waiting for me.
Funny though how Frank doesn't open any of the "unfun" mail (you know the bills), but he had certainly ripped open this lovely card when he got home before me last night. *Ü*  This card came from our good friend Myrna.  We've known Myrna for years and she is almost like family.  Myrna attends most of my classes and we always have a good time together.  Thanks Myrna for this beautiful card.  It certainly made my day.

We received another card too yesterday, but I'll wait until Sunday to share that one.  Have a wonderful day and may you find time to reflect on that awesome gift we were given on that first Good Friday.


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lynns said...

Thanks for the Good Friday message. Loved Myrna's card. Prayers for you and your family.



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