Monday, January 7, 2013


Yes, finally I can post and reveal the things that I sent the gal who I was a Secret Santa to this past month.  Didn't want to take the chance of her seeing them before she got them, but on Saturday she FINALLY received her reveal gift.  The reason I say finally is that I mailed it 10 days ago Saturday.  Sure it was mailed to Califorina, should it really have taken that long.  Yesterday hubby and I were watching a program on the History Channel and they were talking about he Pony Express days and how it would take 9 days to go from Missouri to California when the Pony Express was started.  So can you see why I said finally?  10 days to Cali in this day and age seems a little long to me, but then again maybe mail will move faster when the price of postage goes up on the 27th of this month.  Yeah now I'm trying to be funny!  Is it working? *Ü*  Anyway onto my creations.  These are the things I sent.

This is the first card I sent.  I loved using all the bright colors and adding the Dazzling Details to the hat, boots and mittens.  This stamp set to me is a keeper.
This is the second card I sent and was the kick off to my Christmas card this year.  I would love to show you the last card because it is my favorite, but Blogger is being wonky today and I've been trying to post these all day and now all I can get is these two to post so I will leave it at that and will try and post the last card and the reveal gift tomorrow.  Sorry about that.

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