Saturday, July 20, 2013

From SU Convention

I know I had planned to post from convention, but let's just say it's been busy. I'm having a great time and have been thinking of you all. We have an opening session this morning and than some classes this after noon with closing session at 5pm. It's only 10 minutes before 7 here and I've got to get ready. Would like to be at opening session a little early since it can be hard to find seats amongst almost 6000 people. So here are just a few pics for now .  I will post more when I get home from my camera.

 Here we are at SU home office.
 This is our convention bag they gave us. Its really pretty.
 Here is Frank doing one of our make and takes
 Frank doing a little huffing.  LOL!
Washi tape we got last night. Yeah that means I got double this amount. Cause you know what's mine is mine and what's Frank's is mine.  LOL!

Well that's all for now.

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