Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Afternoon.............

My blog visiting friends. Well what do we talk about today? Of course we could talk about the weather, but that's getting to be an old subject unless you are my friend Patty and then we are talking beautiful California weather. Don't you (those of us in Michigan anyway) wish you were there. I sure do on a day like this. That sun is nice, but the wind is brrrrr baby!

Ok, onto why you stopped by.........

This box was a challenge over on SCS. Check it out if you want to know how to make one. I used the new Love You Much stamp set that is still on special through January 31 at 20% off. The best part is that the little hearts were punched out and all three at one time. How's that for quick and easy? The stamp set and punch will all appear in the New Spring/Summer Idea Book and Catalog that debuts on Monday, January 19.

And speaking of catalogs. My catalogs have arrived. If you didn't order one or you did order please give me a call to get yours. As an added bonus to those who pre-ordered, I have a special bookmark you will receive with your catalog. Here's what they look like.

They are a folded bookmark with magnets on the inside to hold your bookmark in place.
Have a great weekend!


Shar said...

WOW!!! Love the box. Guess I will have to try to make one.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the bookmarkers ,I think they are so cute. Dianne Bell

Anonymous said...

very cute bookmarks and box. you are so talented, just like your big little sister!

Kim said...

Thank you for the bookmark. I thought it was ever sooo cute. I might just have to give this box challenge thing a try.


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