Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nothin' to do with Stampin'

I'm cleaning a basket out today that I had thrown some stuff that I would "take care of later". I'm sure you all don't have baskets like that..he-he. Well, when we were cleaning up stuff from the garage sale we had at my folks I had found this picture in some old books. No my mom wasn't into scrapbooking in those days. Pictures were taken and who knows where they would show up. I know mom, you did the best you could you were busy raising a family. Anyway I just had to share this picture. This is (in front) my sister Carin (oh if she could be this goofy now) Michele (see Chele it looked like I was hugging you, maybe I did like you) me of course (is it any wonder that the playground aid at school called me Rosey? --check out those cheeks) and in the back was my cousin Sue (she lived with us and was like a sister). Hey check out that Old Olive two piece outfit I was wearing and that puffy sleeve shirt. That was my fav and of course mom sewed it for me. I love to look back at old pics and remember the good ol' days. Oh no! That must mean I'm old. Yikes!

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