Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Shipping Weekend

With our FREE shipping weekend, now would be a good time to stock up on those things that have been on your wish list.  It would be the best time to get those colors that are retiring that you just can't live without as well.  Retiring colors are only while supplies last.  Here is the list below of retiring colors.
Listed below are the colors in the Color Re-fresh.  Aren't they just yummy?
I know I haven't posted any creative projects as of late, but I do have things to show you, but just haven't had time to photograph them and edit to post.  I've been sick AGAIN!  For a person who rarely is sick I've had about enough as of late.  I spent some time in the ER the other day after an appointment with my doc and she sent me directly to the ER.....wheelchair and all.  I told her I could walk, but she insisted.  So after a bunch of tests, IV and some not so yummy medicine they sent me home with a new pill and some of the not so yummy medicine and a diagnosis of gastritis.  It was unbelievable how the pain actually felt like it did before my gall bladder surgery a couple of years ago.  I am feeling better, but still a little leary of the pain coming back, but that is where the not so yummy medicine comes in.
So thanks for sticking with me and be sure to check out all the things going on with SU and take advantage of that FREE SHIPPING as well.

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