Monday, January 26, 2015

A New Technique

I tried a new technique and wanted to share the finished product with you.  Maybe this needs to be my next video?  We'll see.  The word for this technique is Bokeh.  It is pronounced "Bo" as in bow and "ke" as in kettle.  I looked this up on the Internet because first I was intrigued by the name and second because I wanted to know how to say it.  I watched several videos and some were more complicated than others, but as you can expect I took the route that seemed the easiest and I like how this turned out.  The thing you have to remember is no two are ever going to look the same.

Colors used here are Lost Lagoon and Blackberry Bliss.  Hopefully I can share more of how to do this later in the week.

Hope you're having a great day in spite of it being a Monday.  I'll leave you with this little guy and wish you a Happy Hedgie Monday!!!


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