Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Brookie!

I hope my blog readers will forgive me today and let me be a little self indulgent today. Today is the 18th Birthday of our youngest daughter Brooke. As you know from previous posts, birthdays are important to me and my children are no exception. Brooke has grown into such a fine young women who amazes me everyday. Some amazement's are better than others. *wink*, but truly she is amazing. Put it this way, I've heard people say Brooke your enthusiasm for life amazes me. I remember her 2 grade teacher telling me what enthusiasm she had in school. She looks at so much as an adventure. What a girl! Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you and know you'll go far with your dreams.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of her and will also share her special card I made for her as well.
Here is Brooke Romain Ondrajka on her birth day along with big sissy Lindsay. Lindsay was so excited to get to the hospital to see her and wouldn't let Michele rest until she brought her. Wish she was so anxious to see her sister now. *grin*
This is one of my favorite pictures of her. It truly shows her personality (well at least most days) LOL
Here is my little Brooker Teasy Weasy Bear (her family nickname and Brooker T for short) at 3 months. Hope she doesn't kill me for sharing all this. That smile tells it all why we called her Teasy Weasy. Even now she loves to tease.

And here she is today. What a lovely young woman she has become. I know I'm a little prejudice, but I told you at the beginning what kind of post this was going to be. *wink*

And last, but not least here is the card I made for her. Yes, that is using the #2 Sizzix Scallop Circle die. I'll be showing how to make this at my upcoming Big Shot class. Be watching for details soon.
Ok, I guess that's it for today. Thanks for indulging me a little


Shar said...

Brooke is a beautiful girl. Your card is beautiful too.

flip_flop_stamper said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke! I wish I could have had you in 8th grade, but I'm so glad I've gotten to know you these past few years. Now that your family goes to our church, I guess I can let you graduate....your Mom can deliver my stuff to me when you are not at Lakers any more!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Renee what a beautiful card. Try not to have too many tears, she is moving on to an exciting time in her life.

Jean said...

Hi Renee, Brooke sure is and has been beautiful since the day she was born! Gorgeous photos of her and of course you are a very proud Mum! Happy Birthday Brooke!

Love the card you have made for her too Renee!

lynns said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke. It has been a pleasure watching you grow up into such a wonderful person.


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