Thursday, April 2, 2009

Same Basket, Different Take

Well what do you think? Pretty clever eh? When I was trying to fill this basket with some sort of candy (really didn't like what I did yesterday, but it was what I had) I had one of these little test tubes with jelly beans in it laying on my desk so I tried laying that in the basket. Nay, that didn't look good and then it hit me. Why not make them stand up like the one I did HERE! Now I've got me a cute little 6 pack of candy test tubes. Pretty pleased with myself. Almost as much as my post the other day when I showed you my neighbor's picture. NOT!! I thought that was a good one and surely I would have gotten more comments, but such was not the case. I still thought it was pretty funny. So there!! LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is this done with the sizzix box #2 also? Love it. If it is, could you give instructions. Do you add a piece for the handle on this one or the lid?


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