Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wonderful News!

I just have to share with you all that my daddy received the words "cancer free" today.  We are certainly rejoicing and praising God for this wonderful gift.  My mom is also doing so much better.  They have put her on a small dose of oxygen at night and this has seemed to really help her.  It seems like such a small thing, but it has made a world of difference in her anxiety and panic attacks.  She is thinking so much clearer and has even gotten back to doing some of the things she once did.  I'm just one happy girl today and I'd like to thank those who have prayed for my family this past year.  It's been a tough year, but the Lord has seen us through.

Now to share a couple of crafty things with you.

This is a little treat pouch that my daughter Lindsay and I made for her to give out to her fellow employees at work.  I used some retired cardstock (Ruby Red) and some non SU ribbon from my huge stash of ribbon on these.  Lindsay is not really my crafter girl so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when Lindsay cut both of her thumbs trying to close the ink pad.  How she managed that I'm not quite sure.  I've never known a craft pad to be dangerous, but she said that is why she doesn't craft, because it's dangerous.  LOL!  We made 30 of them and they went really quick with both of us working on them the other night.

Here is a card I made several weeks ago to send to one of my customers.  Love that Cherry Cobbler!
Well that's all for today.  I've got more cookies to frost.  Hope Frank doesn't mind that for dinner.  ;)


Carin said...

Yipee! Nice projects too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas present. Such good news about Dad and your Mother, also. It's difficult to deal with someone who you know usually is not like that.
Merry Christmas to All.



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