Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Photo a Day 3

I'm writing this on Tuesday night and you will read it tomorrow sometime.  I'm trying to get ahead of the game a little since I will be having some surgery on Wednesday morning.  It will be out-patient surgery, but serious enough that they will put me out and I need someone to be with me for a couple of days.  My hubby is taking time off from work to be with me.  Hopefully I'll do fine and will be able to keep posting, but I'm sure tomorrow I won't be up to it.

Anyway, here is my December photo for day 3.

This is a section on my tree.  I've really loved being able to use the kit from the Holiday supplement to decorate my tree.  The stars were easy to put together and so easy to tuck into the tree.  You will also see one of my hedgies and a favorite Possible Dream Santa that was given to us as a gift quite a few years back by a friend.

Hope you are enjoying the days of the season!

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