Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Made My Day

Well it's been a couple of hectic days with my aunt again.  They have now found a thickening on her stomach and not sure if it's related to the cancer that she had surgery for a couple of months ago or not.  We are praying it's not.  I hadn't checked my email since Sunday which is a very rare happening for me, but when I did, I have to say that I received 3 posts to my blog that just made my day.  They were from Barbara (emptynestmom over at SCS).  Her kind words just touched my heart and of course made me cry.  Imagine that!  I was touched not just about my ideas, but that she said she could see a sweet spirit in me.  In me?  Really?  Especially with all that has been going on in my life as of late?  I'm thankful that the Lord is allowing me to show a sweet spirit even though many times I'm not feeling the sweetest or the most worthy of being told so.  Thanks Barbara, your words have meant more to me than you can imagine.  You inspire me to leave more comments on the blogs I visit.  We just never know what that blogger is going through and how much our kind comments and words can mean to them.  I challenge my blog readers to do it more often too on the blogs they find or visit.  Do a RAK (random act of kindness)  It will make you feel good and the person that you are commenting to as well.

Here is another card using the set The Open Sea.
 And this card is for my friend Vicki who had emergency gallbladder surgery on Monday.  I had mine out so I guess she wanted to follow suit.  Only makes sense since when we get card making and scrapbooking supplies we both have to get them.  *wink*  The owl on this card is not SU, but is a Sizzix die that Vicki gave me a couple of weeks ago.  She had got herself one and had to get me one too.  She's so thoughtful like that.  Thanks Vicki and get better quick so we can get together soon to stamp.
Well that's it for today.  Hope you've had a good day and have an enjoyable evening.  Remember it's Survivor night!  Yay!


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Barbara said...


I'm very honored to read your post today, however I really want you to know that those weren't just words I put down. I HONESTLY meant every one of them, and still do. NOW, seeing I didn't ask you first (yikes), I sure hope you don't mind that I posted links back to your blog posts over on SCS (demo chat) where folks were looking for some ideas. The ones I commented on, I really think are AMAZING ones, and ones that helped me sooo much. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me, although at the time you posted them, I imagine that you didn't know just how those might reach out, and touch someone as much they did with me. I figured perhaps they might inspire or help someone else. I sure hope you don't mind!! I wasn't using proper etiquette by asking permission first, and for that I'm sorry! I was just so excited about what I stumbled upon here, that when I saw the requests for ideas...well, you know now what I did. (Should I run and hide now???)

Renee, to me you are a LOVELY, WONDERFUL SPIRIT, and your love for your family, friends, and the Lord shows through in everything that I see and read. I'm grateful FOR YOU just being a part of my world, albeit a virtual one right now.

Many warm hugs, and I will keep you and all your loved ones in my prayers. I know all too well how difficult all those medical, and other life challenges can be. Just try to keep shining on through honey, because in my book, you're a very classy lady, who's worth so much to not just those in your immediate world, but to people like me too. I do truly mean that as well. : )


Barbara (Guess which one!! LOL)


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