Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scooting Away

If you are reading this in the AM, that's what I'm doing, scooting away for the day.  Frank has his 6 month check up for his thyroid cancer check today so we are headed to the "Big City" as we call it here in the Thumb of Michigan.  What that means is we are headed to the Detroit area although it's not Detroit, but to us "Thumb Bodies", it's all Detroit.  LOL!  Actually it's West Bloomfield.  Didn't know you were going to get a vocab lesson of the Thumb today, did ya?  For all my Thumb readers, you totally understand what I said and the rest of you are going....huh?
This set is On the Grow and available in the Summer Mini catalog.  If you remember I used the flowers and vase from this set on the altered Altoid tin a week or so ago.  I used the ribbon punch around the scooter.  Not maybe very even, but it was my first attempt and I didn't want to waste all my watercoloring I'd done. *grin*

So that's it for today.  If you'd say a prayer that Frank's testing is all AOK and we'd have safe travels, we sure would appreciate it.


1 comment:

Carin said...

Very cute card, Na! The yellow makes me feel summer!

Praying for you and Frank... believing everything will be good!

Love ya, Carin


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