Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

I've got a few odds and ends for you today.  First off I want to share my beautiful hydrangea with you.  As I've told you before I love hydrangeas and I'm so excited that I have kept this one going since Easter.  Yes, you read that right, since Easter.  Almost 4 weeks!!!    I can't wait until the one I have outside starts to bloom.  I've had that for 3 years and so far, so good.  The one outside is purple.  My friend Patty Bennett isn't the only one who can grow flowers. hehe  If you've dropped by her blog before, you'll know she has the most magnificent rose garden.

 This is a cake I did last weekend.  A local piano teacher ordered this for her graduating seniors.
And last, but not least is a paper project.  I made gerber daisies using the Big Shot Daisy #2 die.  They turned out pretty good, but I will admit they were a little work.  I used a Watkin's vanilla bottle I had in my stash for the vase and some glass beads that I had rescued from being thrown away.  I think this is a pretty good recycle/reuse project, don't you?


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