Thursday, February 26, 2009

Late Day, but Early Evening Post

Yes, I'm posting late today, but like I said it is early evening. *grin* I've been doing so well the last couple of weeks that I hated to miss a day. I had a fellow Australian demo contact me and ask about a pattern for the box that I made and posted on November 12. I had a pattern of sorts, but was just in my hen scratchin' so it prompted me to actually make a pattern and then I thought, well why not make another box and use the SAB DSP and stamp set and ribbon. This is what came to be.

Here's the inside. It should hold 8 Hershey nuggets, but I only had 5 as you can see. Need to put those on my shopping list.

I'll post the pattern for this tomorrow so stay tuned.
Have good evening,


Jean said...

Oh how beautiful Renee!! I am so glad you have posted more pics and will put up the pattern tomorrow! I am so sad that you sent it all to me and my programs wont accept it!

Anonymous said...

Love the box. Would like to make one. BTW what happened to the rest of the candies. You didn't eat them, did you? Oh, I know, you must have had Joni over. LOL!

Stephanie said...

This project came out soooo pretty!! Very clever use of the new flower brad!

pink said...

Oh that is soooooooooooo cute! One of my alltime favs. :)


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