Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Little Different Share

Well to have a little different share for you tonight. I had a busy day and when I finally got home I had to rest. I'm just learning that when I'm in a fibro flare up I need to rest instead of fight it and sleep is the thing I need so for the last few days a nap is just needed. I would be curious how many of my readers are also fibromyalgia suffers?  This weather right now is so hard on it.

Anyway, I want to share with you tonight something else that I've been enjoying. Yes, it's adult coloring books. I received a couple for Christmas and today I picked up one at my good friends Harjo's Ben Franklin.  Gretchen, Heidi and the rest of the gals there are so helpful. I love checking out new stuff and catching up with the girls. They are some pretty special ladies. They both told me I looked really nice today, so that in itself made the stop with it today. Love you girls!

Here are a couple of the pages I'm working on and then a completed page. The completed page was done with my Stampin'Up! markers. The other two are done with colored pencils and I dip the tip of them in Vaseline. It is amazing what that does. It makes the color so much more vibrant.

 This one was done with markers.
 This one with Crayola colored pencils and Vaseline.
This one with a Heritage colored pencils and Vaseline. I'm decorating a cake and no dish washing involved. Yay!  You can see the last two are a work in progress (WIP). I find it relaxing sitting on the couch in the evenings. I told Frank we've reverted to our childhood. He's playing solitaire, albeit it is on his phone. I'm sure he didn't do that when he was a kid and I am coloring. It's fun to do things that may be a bit different or out of our usual routine. I've always loved to color so why should it stop as an adult?  Life's too short not to do things you enjoy!  


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