Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Great Card Making Day

Well, it was a great card making day event. The ladies all liked the cards and as always we had lots of laughs. Debby Baker won the door prize and Myrna Born gets the free stamp set. I'll contact you Myrna to let you know what you get to choose from. Sorry Jessica Z. you didn't win a prize as usual. That darn Mrs. Baker. That lady just has too much luck. Jessica you were the first to post on my blog so I think you deserve a little treat. Be looking for a little surprise soon.

I will post pics of the cards that were made today in the next day or two. I'm too lazy right now to go and load them. I'm on the couch with my laptop and the pics are all on the computer in my office.

Well that's all for now. I'll try and post tomorrow, but you know how I am about my Sunday nap. *wink* Have a great Sunday.



momma25badboys said...

It sounds like all of you had a great day, I was there in spirit. I have a few sick Boys here. Can't wait to see all the fun cards!

lynn said...

Sorry to miss the fun. Hope all had a fun time.


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