Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes, it is Saturday. For me it seems like it's been a long week. Lots going on--some good and some not so good. Some of the good was that I had 2 parties this week and got to catch up with not only good customers, but great friends. I so appreciate that. As I started to type this I wasn't sure what we'd have for supper, but Frank just called and said we are going to go out for Sweetest Day. Yeah! Just when I think he doesn't get it he does that. This week ended yesterday with news that Frank's employer sold the business. WOW! Could have knocked us over with a feather. No idea this was coming and the first reaction is one of fear and uncertainty. One thing I do know though is that God will take care of us and He will meet our needs. Maybe not all our wants, but our needs. The saying that keeps coming to my mind the last few weeks is "Life is not always fair, but God is always faithful." I can say I do know that in my heart even though I don't always know it in my head. I know many of you go through things that most don't know about, but I hope that maybe I've given you something with these words to encourage you today. There are those of you who send me an email or a great card now and then and even though you may not know it, you encourage me beyond what you know. Some my look at this stampin' and scrapin' business as "playing with paper," but we know it's so much more. Thank you my friends for your love, support and encouragement and I wish you all the very best of "Sweetest Days."

Here's a card for you today. Enjoy!



Carin said...

Miss no update on your blog since Sat. surely something must be going on with you!!!!

Lynn said...

I love your polka dot pumpkins! Too cute!!!


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