Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good Monday morning stampers. Well we had quite the weekend. Not a lot of relaxing, but that's ok. My very dear great Uncle Jim passed away on Thursday afternoon. Uncle Jim is my grandma's youngest brother and the last one from that generation. It was sad and he will be very much missed, but he was so ready to go and after attending his funeral that he had picked out the songs and in fact even the last song that was played had been recorded and sung by him, it was very evident he was ready and knew where he was going. He and my grandma had been very close so the thought of them being reunited gave me happy thoughts. This pic here is of Uncle Jim and my mom.

On to happier thoughts. I took a few pictures of some of the cards I've been sent by demos all over the country. This is the first one I'll share and then hopefully I can get more posted each day this week. At least that's my goal.
I'm not sure who this was made by. If it was you, please let me know I would love to give credit. I've received so many nice samples and it's been hard to keep some of these things straight what with limited living space we have right now. This card has the statement of the heart statement from SU and it truly is what so many demos have shown me during this difficult time in our lives. Each and everyone of these cards are truly little treasures to me. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent them to me. Thanks just does not seem enough. I know some of you have posted here and asked what you could send me and really I'm set right now for supplies, but if you feel you want to send something then a card is really what I can use. You just don't how much these help when I receive them in the mail. If you so choose you can send to:
Renee Ondrajka
c/o Michael Romain
9865 Weale Rd.
Bay Port, MI 48720
I am in no means asking for such, but I have had emails and posts here asking and this is just easiest for me to post this way right now.
I truly appreciate everyone of you and thank you for your support and continued prayers.
Hugs and Blessings,

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