Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a Country Living Christmas

Hi stampers, I finally got a little time play with my new Country Living Christmas stamp kit. Isn't this cute? The ornament, not the girl silly! (well the girl is cute, but that's a given) *wink* This was so easy to put together. I covered the chipboard with the die cut paper. Yes, you heard that right. No paper cutting whatsoever. Applied glue to the chipboard that was just punched out of the sheet and punched out the paper (like paper dolls punched out) and adhered it to the chipboard. So easy, easy peasy as they say. I can't wait to make more.

Oh the tree, you ask? I bought this little metal tree at IKEA. Have you ever been? This store is the most awesome store I've ever been to. We were at the one in Chicago last week and I was in total awe. They have one in Canton, Michigan and I NEED to go again. Anyone want to come? It was just the coolest.

Did you know if you order this kit from me I am offering a FREE class to you? I said FREE! Who can't afford FREE? Right? Call me to order your kit and sign up for the FREE class. Hurry! Time is running out to order and have them here before the class. I'm extending the pre-order until Monday, November 24, but hurry. Take a little time for yourself this holiday season. See my SU calendar for dates and times. Those don't work for you? Contact me and we can set up another time.

Have a great day!


Lindsay said...

Surw don't do one of me your other daughter.

Carin said...

Aw poor Linds... the ornament is cute & so is the kid... love me.

Krista Driessen said...

Love the ornament. I also love the tree ! I have to look at Ikea if they're selling it. Here in the Netherlands we have three Ikea stores in the area, they're all 25 minutes driving away... Can you imagine ? I go very often :-)
Great blog ! Krista


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