Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Table Runner Info

Here's another picture of the table runner I showed you yesterday. For some reason I'm having a hard time getting good lighting. Oh yeah I forgot it's November and I live in Michigan. LOL Here's the details I promised. I used brown felt to make 16 pennants (SU's exclusive pennant die) The snowflakes are made from light blue (hard to see from the pic) and the large snowflake die from SU. I bought all the materials (or should I say my mom did? Thanks Mom!) from Har Jo's Ben Franklin. I love that store. I guess because it reminds me of the old fashioned 5 & dime. The small snowflake was a Sizzix die that my mom has had for several years. We glued it together using fabric glue and just so you know fabric glue can get old and very clumpy over time so it's best to use new glue to make it go faster. Don't ask how I know. LOL We used the large #2 scallop circle under the large snowflakes. You could sew this together if you wanted, but using fabric glue was pretty easy. Hope you like it. If you are interested in purchasing one of these or even the materials to make your own please feel free to contact me.

We're having a snow day here so maybe I'll be back later with something else to share.


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Carin said...

Very nice!

Hey, what's Mom gonna buy me??? *Ü*


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