Monday, February 23, 2009

Divine Design for February

Here is my February submission for the Divine Design challenge over on SCS. I know I'm a little late in posting this (should have been Feb. 9), but I knew exactly what verse I wanted to use for this month since it is sort of known as the month of love. It's hard to see, but on the pot of the topiary it says friend to friend. That's what God really is, He's our friend. And speaking of this I'm reading the book The Shack. It's a book of fiction, but it really is helping me to see God in another light. He's not the big bad guy who's just waiting to get you. He really is our friend. I'm so glad that God loves each of us and sent His son to die for us. Aren't you?
Have a blessed day!


Carin said...

very cute... talent must run in your family!

maedi said...

What a nice little thing!
I should lift it for my desk.
Gisela from Germany


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