Friday, February 13, 2009

"Sweet" Week, Day 5

Good morning! Can you believe I've been posting for 5 days straight? They say you need to do something for 21 days in a row for it to become routine. Maybe I should go for that?

First off let me say that my kids are sometimes embarrassed to go and eat inside with me at restaurants where your food might come in neat little containers. It looks rather odd carrying out empty containers after you've eaten since most people throw them away, but you know where I'm going don't you? Yes, these little containers make the cutest patterns for paper crafting. Take for instance this onion ring box from Dairy Queen.

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Ta da!!!!

I broke out my new Sweet Slumber Speciality DSP and traced the box onto it. It's heavier than DSP and more the weight of cardstock and oh so yummy. Oh and did I mention it has texture to it as well? I can't wait to use more of it. The ribbon is Whisper White Organza Ribbon. It is so soft and ties so easily. I kid you not, it is super soft and feels sort of sexy! LOL The stamp I used was from Say It With Scallops, the Ronald McDonald House stamp set. And last but not least I filled this box with peanut butter bon bons. I know the peanut butter scare, but really these are fine and I'm not going to tell you how I know. *wink*

So if you've stayed with me this far........ I really need to get to work on the wedding cake I have for tomorrow. I'll post pics of it too, since it will qualify for "sweet" week.



maedi said...

Renee, it's a really nice box.
When you talk about peanut butter bon bons I think of Reese's Peanut butter cups - they are so delicious for me. I almost can taste them right now. *lol*
Greetings from Germany
and a big hug for the paenut butter cup taste in my mind - Gisela

Karen B in SW Oklahoma said...

I think this is funny because this week at school I asked my students to save the ORBIT gum boxes for me so i can start making graduation inspiration boxes out of them. Instead of business card holders I use the business cards you run through the computer and print quotes on them and then stamp and embellish the cards before I put them in the decorated boxes. So I can truly relate. My family says oh no what are you making now LOL


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