Friday, August 15, 2014

Thanks very, very, very, very Much!

Well it's finally the weekend.  I've had a busy week and I'm looking forward to not having any real plans this weekend.  I really hope that the weather is good.  They are talking some scattered showers, but hopefully they won't be scattered here.

The news this week of the passing of Robin Williams was really so sad.  He made us laugh for years and we hoped it would be many more.  I think we all felt like we knew him.  He seemed like such a fun loving guy, but as so many others he was fighting battles that most cannot understand.  Depression is hard to deal with.  I have dealt with it off and on for 23 years.  Not to the point where I would take my own life, but to the deepest of dark places at times.  Feeling hopeless is hard, and yes even Christians can feel that way. It is so misunderstood and to hear someone say, "well just get over it" or "you don't have enough faith", really makes me angry and sad.  It's not that simple.  At one time I thought maybe I didn't need medication and I had a doctor say to me, "if I told you that you had high blood pressure and needed medication for it, would you take it?"  Well of course I would.  He said this is no different.  From that moment on I knew that I would take medication for it for the rest of my life if need be, but sometimes medication can't completely help.  Our brains are like any other organ, but even more complex.  I don't pretend to know what Robin Williams felt and I don't pretend to have all the answers on this subject, but I do know that we need to reach out with compassion to those around us because you just never know what kind of battle someone is in. 

So today's card is a tribute to Robin..........Thanks very, very, very, very Much!  Thanks for the entertainment, the tears, the laughter, and for the memories.  We are so sorry you left us.  I don't know anything about his beliefs, but I do know that as a Christian myself I have that hope and I hope that Robin knew the Lord and one day we will see him again.  I know heaven is going to be awesome enough, but can you imagine Robin Williams for extra entertainment?  LOL!

I know this post may have been a little different today, but I guess that I just needed to share a little.  I'm a very open person and just maybe something I've written in this post will help someone.  If it's you, then I'm glad I took the time.  Please know that if you ever need a friend I'm here.
Blessings to you all!

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Pam B said...

AMEN !!!


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