Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Photo a Day........14, 15, 16

I hate when I'm playing catch up.  Drives me crazy and I wish I could somehow get on top of a few things in m life, my blog postings being one of them.  I suppose there are more important things in life, but I try and take my Stampin'Up! business very seriously because it is a source of income for me.  Well enough complaining.  I'll just move on.  Here is today's shares.

December Photo a Day 14...........

 This picture is from last winter.  These are cute little figurines that adorn the window sill in your bathroom.  When I saw the snow covering the window I thought it was a great photo op.  Cute huh?

December Photo a Day 15............
 This is just a pic I found on the net and thought it was so cute.  Love the gray and red together and woo woo doesn't love an owl?  LOL!

December Photo a Day 16.......
 Here is our beautiful Christmas tree this year.

And last, but certainly not least is my card for today.  Just a very plain and simple card.
Hope you've enjoyed today's post.  I have to get back to my baking.  Yum!

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