Friday, March 6, 2009

Book to Look

I know I should be doing a million things today, but I wanted to try making a Scallop Envelope Die box and make it bigger than just the 4 sided one that I've shown you before. This one is 5 sides. Isn't it adorable? It is even better IRL. Inside are some of the pillow boxes made with the Pillow Box Die and inside them are some awesome little gifts for anyone who books a workshop with me. They range from a Sizzlet die to ribbon. Want one? Contact me to set a date for your very own workshop where you can earn free stamp sets and accessories from our catalogs.
Here's to a great weekend!


Carin said...

that is so pretty Na, I can't quite grasp how you did it... but that is ok... I am blonde!!! *Ü*

I would love to do a workshop sometime, but you already know that.
love ya, Me

Karen B in SW Oklahoma said...

What are the dimensions on this box? I really like the little decorated fold down flaps. you are so creative ... it is a shame life gets in the way sometime wouldn't it be fun to just have endless supplies and be able to create -- oh wait I have the endless supplies already now to create LOLOLOLOL again thanks for sharing


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