Monday, March 23, 2009

A Secret Sister Birthday Gift

Thought I'd share what I whipped up this morning with the neat paper/cardstock I received from my secret sister at church. As most of you know I love paper, but I admittedly can be a SU paper snob. *gasp* Well since I sell paper I try not to buy eleswhere, but I'll always take a gift. *smile* Not that I advertise this, but occasionally I do find paper I just love and let me say this paper I received from my secret sis is awesome. It's heavy and almost like cardstock. It's a glitter stack and is by DCWV, whoever that is. I immediately thought of making this little three tired box set and filling it with jelly beans. The ribbon and the stamped piece are all SU! Thanks secret sis, whoever you may be! Thanks as well to all those who sent me birthday wishes. It was so nice of you to take the time to drop me a line. I love when you all leave comments and you made my day yesterday very special. And a special shout out to my friend/pen pal Gisela in Germany. First time I've ever received Happy Birthday wishes from another country! *grin*
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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