Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some Cards for Kids

Wow!  It's been a struggle today.  I just haven't felt well and I've pushed myself thinking that might help me, but it really hasn't worked.  I didn't push too hard.  I paid some bills, made a to-do list and then started on some cards to send out.

I know there are 4 people who I owe some fun mail to and just so you know I haven't forgotten.  It's on my list, but didn't happen today.  What I did do today is get some cards made to send to some sick kids who could really use a card so that is what I worked on as well as some sympathy cards.  I don't know these kids, but it was posted by a friend that these kids could you a little pick me up.  These are kids who are seriously ill.  When I went to look through my stash of stamps, what I found was that I don't have anything that is really "kid" oriented so I made do with what I have.  After all I'm a professional stamper and should be able to do that, right?  LOL!

The first two that I did were for little girls.  I used the bicycle that came in this months My Paper Pumpkin and added some sparkle with the Glimmer Paper that I already had  colored in pink.  These are 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" cards.  I would think these would catch the eyes of little girls.  What do you think?  I'll be back tomorrow to show you the one I did for a little boy, but before I go I've had several people ask me what I use to photograph my creations so I'm going to let out the secret.  It's a very expensive studio.  NOT!
Yep, it's two pieces of white felt that has some glitter in it.  I believe I bought them at Hobby Lobby several years ago.  I take the pictures right next to my computer and my lighting is slightly behind and above me.  That's it!  I've thought about buying something that is specifically designed for photographing, but this works, so why spend the money, eh?  Now you know my secret.  LOL!
Ok, it's time for me to call it a day and go rest as tomorrow my Daddy and I will be canning pickled red beets.  Fun? No, but worth the rewards. ;)

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