Monday, September 15, 2014

Simply Grateful

I am absolutely freezing in my office today, but I refuse to turn on any kind of heater.  It is way too early for that.  Really what is cold on me is my fingers.  I need some of those fingertipless gloves, that way I could still type.  LOL!  Maybe my knitting/crocheting friends could do that for me?

Anyway I've just got a simple little 3" x 3" card for you today.  After making the cards I posted on Saturday I had some leftover leaves and wanted to do something with them.

My dad has built a few more of the Blendie holders.  The last ones went fast and he may not have time to build more before November so if you want one, let me know ASAP.  The price is $38 plus shipping if I have to mail it.  If you are local then it is $38.  They come unfinished as shown and it does NOT include the markers, but I can sell you some if you are in need.  The measurements of this is 12" x 5-1/2" x 5".  It's very sturdy and well made.  It will hold 78 Blendabilitie Markers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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