Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love is in the Air Class

Hey there stampers!  I didn't get to the stamp room today. I actually took down the Christmas tree and decorations, well most of them. I left up a few of my snowmen because they are more wintery than Christmas. Besides I wasn't ready to take these down.

These are the snowmen I received from my Lindsay girl. Have I mentioned how much I miss her?  She's doing so well in Gaylord. She has her own house and a good job and she'll be getting a puppy this weekend. I'm going to have a grand dog. I can't wait to meet him. Lindsay loves animals so I know this will be a good thing. We will be going to her place in two weeks. I'm really looking forward to going. Brooke is even able to go so it will be the four of us together. Can't wait.

Don't forget about my Love is in the Air class that is scheduled for February 9. You can find all the details on my Stampin'Up! website at Just click on the calendar for the details. Space is limited and I need rsvps by February 1.


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